A Letter from the President

As president of the University of Maryland’s Pi Tau Sigma Mechanical Engineering Honor Society, I welcome you to our web site. I hope you find the answers to any questions you may have.Logo

The Tau Mu chapter of Pi Tau Sigma was chartered at the University of Maryland on April 14, 1956 as the 61st charter of the Pi Tau Sigma Honor Society. Since that time, the Tau Mu chapter has taken an active role in promoting excellence in engineering at the University of Maryland.

On the local level, Pi Tau Sigma takes pride in acknowledging the excellence of faculty, staff, and mechanical engineering students. Our honor society provides a way for mechanical engineering students who have achieved a certain academic standard to network with each other. We hold several social events throughout the semester and provide free food at our regularly scheduled meetings for our members. Also, Pi Tau Sigma gives out several awards to faculty, staff, and its members who are worthy of recognition for their efforts.

Beginning last semester, we are initiating a campaign to increase the activity of our Tau Mu chapter. It is our desire to make Pi Tau Sigma as useful as possible to the University of Maryland, Pi Tau Sigma members and its initiates. For this reason, I ask that members and initiates be as active as possible in our organization. Attending meetings, helping with hotdog sales, participating in the catapult competition, or coming to any of our sponsored events are all ways in which you can participate. Any involvement, from a few minutes to a few hours, is greatly appreciated and is key to Pi Tau Sigma’s success.

On behalf of the entire executive board, I would like to encourage new and old members to stay involved with Pi Tau Sigma. Please take advantage of the resources and activities we have to offer. An organization is only as good as its members, and we feel we have the best and brightest this campus has to offer. I hope you have a successful and fun semester.

Aaron Barlev
President of Pi Tau Sigma
Tau Mu Chapter